Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.


The short stories have been up on Scribd for awhile now. It’s been interesting to see which ones are the most popular. The most hits are on the zombie story (I’m not surprised) and the romantic vampire story (I am surprised). The most comments were actually on the robot short and the vampire tale of revenge.

It’s weird seeing how things stack up. The two most popular stories are not the ones garnering comments. And the two stories that received the most comments are not receiving more hits because of the positive reviews.

The fifth wheel in the equation is the story about the vampire child. It’s kinda goofy and odd, so I’m not surprised its dead last in the hits and has zero comments. I’ve had a few people in my ” real” life read it and tell me how surprised they were to like it. It’s just so off beat in premise, I think people don’t risk reading it.

I hope to get more writing up on Scribd now that I have switched jobs and I hope not to suffer so much brain drain.

If you do read any of the stories on Scribd, please let me know what you think of them. I’m actually using the response to the stories to figure out which novel I will write next.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on getting As The World Dies ready to go…

I’m thinking the release date will be August 15, 2008.

I’ll keep you updated.