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Timothy Long is a Sick Bitch

Timothy W. Long….the sick bitch

Now that the holidays are behind me, I’m hunkered down editing The Zombie-Wilson Diaries written by Timothy Long. Since it is the diary of a man stranded on a deserted island with a female zombie and written in first person, my primary goal is to make sure the sentences flow well, continuity issues are resolved, and that the story sticks with the world building rules he created in the narrative. The publisher, Tim and I all agreed that it shouldn’t be perfect (since the guy is on an island dealing with zombie-girl), but it should be easy to read and coherent. And, of course, funny, horrific, and a great read.

It’s a lot easier to edit his work than my own. I’ve written before about how authors end up blind to their own mistakes. The only problem I am having editing the book is that it makes me either want to throw up or laugh my ass off. Dear God in Heaven, this man has a sick, sick mind and a funny bone that just won’t stop.

I should be done with the editing notes tonight, then I’ll send them on to Tim to review. I honestly believe this will be one of the best zombie books released in 2010.

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