Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

New Vampire Short Story Collection Announced

I’m pretty hardheaded at times.  I admit it.  I sometimes have to hear a bit of advice multiple times before it actually sinks through my thick skull.  But I finally listened to the fans and the friends who have been urging me to release my short fiction work in a collection.

Originally, I was going to stuff all my short stories into one tome, but I like things to be a bit orderly.  There were a slew of old gothic/romance/horror vampire shorts on my hard drive and they just seemed to land in the short story collection like a redheaded stepchild.  Pretty…but just not quite fitting in with all the brunettes.  So I yanked out all the vampire shorts and put them into another document.  That is when I began to see certain themes in all the stories: love, blood, and revenge.

Last night I excitedly laid out the vampire short stories and worked on a publishing plan for the collection.  (Another collection of my other horror works will come out later this year.)

Basically, the stories are written and just need a final edit.  I have already contacted one of my regular editors to see if she has a slot available for me.  Right now the collection is with the test readers.  These are older stories, so I’m anxious to get their feedback.  I have contacted several cover artists about working on the cover and I believe Detra may be returning for this cover (squeal of delight).  His work was previously seen on the original self-published As The World Dies novels.

 It will start off being a Kindle exclusive when released and later be available in other ebook formats.  Since it is a slim tome, it will be available in paperback format at conventions I attend and probably on my own website.  It would just be too expensive if I tried to sell the paperback version via the regular online retailers.

The name of the collection at this time is BLOOD & LOVE and Other Vampire Tales.

I will keep you posted as I move closer to publication.