Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

Quick Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing Questions

Can you please read my manuscript, give me feedback, and be my mentor?
I honestly cannot. For one thing, I simply do not have the time. Secondly, if I do read a book before it’s publication date, this is arranged through the publisher of the novel (or the author), and usually for the purpose of obtaining a blurb. I have only done this maybe four times in the last four years.

Please do not send your manuscript/book to me unsolicited I will delete it immediately due to legal issues to protect you and me.

If you need feedback on your novel, I highly recommend joining a writing group either online, or in your local area.

I’m emailing you my manuscript. Please send it to your agent/editor.
I have only referred four people to my agent. She picked up two of them, but they already had offers on the table from publishers. Also, I have learned my lesson and never send her anything I haven’t read already, and I barely have time to even read for leisure nowadays.

Tor still allows unagented submissions. You can send your manuscript directly to Tor. The guidelines are here.

My advice on how to get an agent is outlined in this post “By Popular Request- My Publishing Guide” from my blog. It also includes a complete list of resources I use to self-publish.


As The World Dies Zombies Series

How did you get the idea for the first scene in the book?

It came to me in a vivid image while I was at work one day. During my break, I wrote a short story called “Tiny Fingers.” I posted it online and it received some very good feedback. And then people asked for more. That’s how AS THE WORLD DIES was born.

Why did you decide to have two female protagonists?

It just happened that way. They were the characters that popped onto the screen in my mind’s eye, so I wrote their story.

Will there be more As the World Dies books?

At this time, I have no plans to continue writing about the fort or its inhabitants. I feel that the AS THE WORLD DIES trilogy finished on a solid note. It was the story of Jenni and Katie surviving and creating a new life for themselves in the new zombie-infested world and it ends at just the right point. I was very happy with the ending and felt it wrapped up all the important questions. You can read my much longer answer here.

What are the differences in the As the World Dies books published by TOR? And are the books different from the originals?

There are no differences in the overall plot or characters. In fact, the editor from Tor helped me flesh out the storyline and encouraged me to go to a greater depth in the character development. There are a slew of new scenes in FIGHTING TO SURVIVE that I had a lot of fun writing. SIEGE has also undergone quite a transformation and it’s a leaner, meaner, and better book now.

I would say that the Tor editions are the ultimate versions of all three novels.

Why did you kill __________?

When I write it’s like I’m watching a movie in my mind and transcribing what I see. If I see a character die “on screen,” they die in the story.

Are there other stories in the As the World Dies universe that I can read?

There are! I wrote a few side stories for the fans of the series and they have now been published in the AS THE WORLD DIES UNTOLD TALES VOLUME 1 and 2. Each book consists of three side stories in the ATWD universe. The third and final volume will be out in late 2012 or early 2013.


The Tale of the Vampire Bride

What genre is the TALE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE? Is it a romance novel?

I would classify it as gothic horror. It is not a paranormal romance novel though there is an element of romance in it. The book is pretty much straight out horror with rich gothic overtones.

What is the age appropriateness for this book?

The book has gore, blood, sex, and violence. I would suggest that any parent read it first before handing it over to their teenager.
How many vampire bride books will there be? Is it a trilogy?

The Vampire Bride series may have over six or more books in the series. I am uncertain at this time. The sequel THE VENGEANCE OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE is available now. THE LAMENT OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE may be released in 2013.

The Last Bastion of the Living

Will there be a sequel?

I have no plans at this time for a sequel. The story I wrote felt complete and I don’t even have an inkling of what comes next. Fans of the story keep offering up the same three plot ideas for a sequel, which tells me that is not the way to go.  For a more complete answer, read this post.

Pretty When She Dies

What genre is PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES? Is it a romance novel?

I would classify the novel as horror/urban fantasy. It is not a romance novel. The book has a lot of violence and gore, but also has some sexy parts, humor and adventure in it.

Are there zombies in this book? I like your zombie books and don’t like vampires.

There are necromancers and zombies in this book. They are not the Romero zombies, but they are undead creatures controlled by a necromancer and very dangerous. I understand that people are wary of vampires since the sparkly kind have gotten so popular, but my vampires are the old fashioned kind. They will kill you. And like doing it.

What is the age appropriateness for this book?

The book has gore, blood, sex, and violence. I would suggest that any parent read it first before handing it over to their teenager.


Is there going to be a PRETTY WHEN SHE DIES movie?
I hope so! The script is really fantastic and a lot of fun! It has been well-received. The producer hopes to secure financing soon. I’ll keep you posted.

The Living Dead Boy and the Zombie Hunters

Will there be a sequel to The Living Dead Boy and the Zombie Hunters?

There is a companion piece to the story called “Stop Requested.” It’s a short story in the zombie anthology ZOMBOLOGY. It will also appear in my short story collection “Cthuhlu’s Daughter and Other Horror Tales” in 2012.

I am toying with the idea of making it into a trilogy, but I’m not sure yet.

What is the age appropriateness for this book?

I wrote this novel for my nephews and nieces. I aimed for the age of ten when writing the story, but adults really love the novel, too. It has been described as “The Goonies meets Night of the Living Dead.” I rather like that description.

Is there going to be a movie?

The script is done and there is a director attached to the project. I spoke with the producer and the director and they hope to be filming by the end of summer. I will keep you posted.


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    People need to realize that authors are very busy. Also that being a great writer doesn’t make you the king or queen of book knowledge. There are many people out there who can help with a manuscript and if you join the writing community at large, you’ll find them. Congrats on all your success Rhiannon and almost every author has a book fans never want to end.

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    I’m glad that fans enjoy my books so much they want more! It’s a huge compliment. Thanks for commenting, Roe. :)