Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

Enter the DEAD SPOTS at Your Local Bookstore!

Dead Spots- FinalDEAD SPOTS has landed at your local bookstores today! I’m so excited to be celebrating the release of the paperback. The ebook has been available since February 10th, but if you love physical books, this one is beautiful!

It’s been a very long journey from my original pitch to my editor at Tor to the actual publication. To finally have the book available to my readers is incredibly exciting. Dead Spots is a foray into a supernatural realm where your dreams and nightmares become a reality. 

In the dead spots, dreams become reality, terror knows your name, and nightmares can kill you. 

After a tragic stillbirth and a devastating divorce, Mackenzie has no choice but to start her life over. What should be a routine drive across Texas to her mother’s home becomes much more when a near-accident causes Mackenzie to stumble into a dead spot. Dead spots link the world of the living to the one of nightmares and dreams, where people are besieged by monsters and by situations born of highly personal fears.

Grant, her newfound companion, keeps her from spiraling into madness—he has survived decades in the dead spots’ dreadful landscape and vows that together they will find a way to escape.

With Grant’s guidance, Mac uses her will and life spark to restore abandoned buildings to their former glory, creating sanctuary for a night, or a day, or a few hours. But there is little respite in the dead spots. Horrible, unnatural birds snatch at Mackenzie’s few, precious reminders of her dead son. Graves open beneath her feet, attempting to swallow her whole. A killer clown lurks in the forest, eager for new prey.

Worse, death is not final in the dead spots. Even if a monster tears her apart, Mackenzie is doomed to return.

Friction between Mackenzie and Grant blooms when he cautions her against befriending others trapped in this nightmarish realm, yet she cannot ignore those who desperately need her help. As she learns more about the world, Mac starts to question who she can trust—and worse, to wonder who is real.

To escape the dead spots, Mackenzie will have to take a stand against her worst fears and fight to liberate herself and the survivors she’s come to care about.


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Purchase here:

Amazon: http://bit.ly/DeadSpotsRF
Nook: http://bit.ly/deadspotsnook


DEAD SPOTS will also be released in the UK and Australia in the near future.