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Maudlin Monday – A New Fantasy Novel Featuring a Female Dwarf Warrior!

12036601_10153207485798233_7444382593110360271_nThis definitely perked up my Monday!

My friend (and co-author of The Midnight Spell) has a brand new fantasy novel out featuring a kick ass female dwarf warrior! Kody Boye has been planning to spin off his dwarf warrior from his Brotherhood fantasy series for quite some time and he finally has published the first book in Carmen Delarosa’s series.

The Hornblaris Mountains — home to the great Dwarven people — are a miraculous sight to behold, but beneath their towering peaks lie monstrous dangers. Carmen Delarosa, a travelling merchant’s daughter, has lived within the mountains and even travelled their passages her entire life without issue. But when a drake appears along a routine trading route and slaughters an entire caravan, including her family, Carmen vows to take justice into her own hands. Alone, in the Deep Roads, and with only her wits to guide her, Carmen will attempt the impossible: to hunt, and kill, the Drake of Ehknac.


If you love fantasy novels and awesome, well-rounded female characters, check out his latest book.

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited and only .99 on Kindle!

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