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Maudlin Monday – Perk Up With a T-Shirt of Jenni & Katie Versus Zombies

For years people have been asking me for a Jenni and Katie t-shirt. At first we tried just using the self-published book covers for shirts and that didn’t work out like we wanted. I’ve been looking for an artist to do a t-shirt image for some time, but couldn’t find an art style I totally loved. Finally, I stumbled across Laura Hollingsworth at DeviantArt. I just loved her style and it fit what I had imagined for the shirt. She was such a joy to work with and brought Jenni & Katie to life in this awesome new design. She totally nailed it!

Katie & Jenni by Laura Hollingsworth

Katie & Jenni by Laura Hollingsworth

When I saw the finished product, I squeed! It’s so perfect. The design is now available on a variety of products at Society 6. You can get the design in t-shirts of all colors, various styles, and sizes. Also available are hoodies and two different types of tank tops.

Click here to go to the store.


  • Vicky Mullen

    omg i need one :) awesome artwork