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ZCAP- S2 E10 – We Were Nowhere Near The Grand Canyon, or Yeah We Totally Were

Another enjoyable episode of Z Nation! This one is just a little more serious than the previous episode, RoZwell, but it had a lot of fun moments.

1. Doc on Peyote. C’mon. This is a match made in heaven. Or hell. When Doc is injured when kidnapped by native people living near the Grand Canyon, he asks for something for the pain. He ends up hallucinating and “reading” the pictographs carved into the rock face near the camp. Whether or not he actually astral projected and killed the zombie menacing him and 10K is questionable since Ayalla was close by, but it was still a great, fun moment.

Going native?

Going native?

2. Kudos to Z Nation for hiring actual Native people to play the tribe. I liked the conflict between the more idealistic son, Red Hawk and his pragmatic father, Danny. Since the world has ended and swallowed up the population, it’s not too far fetched that some people would start to construct new mythologies. I’m not sure Red Hawk really believes his people are immune to zombies, but he clearly wants it to be a white man disease. The idea of inheriting the world from the white race clearly appeals to him.


A new sort of peace negotiation.

Ayalla, his younger sister, ends up being the one who steps up and saves her people. If she survives, she could definitely be on her way to being another Roberta Warren. Also, I was glad to see she survived this episode since 10K seemed to show some interest in her. I’d love to see these two characters again in the future.

3. Citizen Z returns to our screens this episode. He’s wiping out the last of the zombies that escaped the plane in the season premiere. It was good to see Pup is still safe and sound (and snuggled on his bed). Citizen Z hasn’t had much to do this season, but he comes through in this episode by warning the group about the massive zombie horde heading their way.


Just one more to go.

 He also had a great moment when trying to figure out how to fire missile launcher to take out the final z. Where he warmed the battery cracked me up.

4. Addy’s skills came into focus in this episode. It was good to see her showing her tech savvy and saving the day. Citizen Z transmitted the needed coordinates for their final destination, and warned her of the oncoming horde. I love how much Addy as stepped up this season and has fully embraced her role on the team.

5. Zombie stampede. Nuff said.

Zombies fall down and go boom!

Zombies fall down and go boom!

6. The big moment of gravitas came at the very end when the group and tribe attempt to divert the zombies by fire. Murphy completely freaks out, rushing forward to stop them. Crying out that they can feel pain and he has to save them, Murphy inadvertently causes the zombie stampede to swerve into the canyon. Emotionally wrecked in the aftermath, he tells Warren that she didn’t have to kill the zombies. As only Roberta Warren can do, she consoles Murphy while reminding him that he has to choose which side he’s on, and that the team is trying to keep him alive.

..while zombies want to eat his brains…
(from zoologicallyimprobable.tumblr.com)

It’s a great moment of compassion between the two. Warren wants to save humanity and lately Murphy has been siding with the zombies. They appear to be on a collision course, but Murphy obviously trusts Warren to protect him. She clearly cares for him, and understands his struggle. It’s a great scene.

7. Oh, yeah. And this happened…

I totally called it!

I totally called it!

 …in Roberta’s dreams, but…hey. There’s been some sizzle there for a while and it seems Warren is waking up to the possibilities. I still don’t like Vasquez, so I’m really worried about my girl’s heart. Warren has suffered enough pain.

Next week!


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