Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.


There are two updates today. After a lot of consideration and some mental story planning, I’ve decided to issue a top secret short story for the holidays. It’ll first be sent to my patrons, then to my newsletter subscribers.  I’m not sure if I’ll sell it on Amazon yet, or have it as a free read. I’m still pondering my options and trying to decide which would be the best way to go. I don’t usually like to write two things at once, but the secret short story is time sensitive due to the holidays. 

Secret Project Update

Secret Project

There is comfort in returning to characters you know so well, you could easily see yourself chilling with them over drinks at a bar. I just barely popped that door open in my imagination and everything came flooding out. I had a solid writing spree and it felt like going home. 

The Lament of the Vampire Bride Update


The deceitful thing about word counts is they don’t show how many words you delete, then rewrite. I did so much of that last night. As I continue to iron out the kinks in the first chapter, I rewrote a significant portion since Glynis’s voice is stronger in my mind now. (I’m dreaming about her, too) Delete. Rewrite. Delete. Rewrite. I did this until I was at the end of the chapter and trying to wrap it up. But exhaustion got me and dragged me to bed. 

Some of the problems in the first chapter are squarely about capturing Glynis’s voice properly. I have to make sure it’s not me writing the story, but her. What would Glynis write at this point? Etc. Again, this is the big challenge of this book series, and always has been. There is always a certain point where it comes easily, but I’m not quite there yet. It’ll happen, so I’m not worried. 

When I checked my word count counter on the entire manuscript, I realized I’m creeping up fast on 10,000 words. Since the Dark Rebirth books are always much longer (nearly twice as long) as my regular books, it means I’m only less than 1/10th into the book. The first chapter and prologue are half that word count. The rest are scenes I wrote out because they were haunting my brain and I didn’t want to forget them.

The physical toll of getting back into a regular writing schedule has been my hands hurting a lot more than they have in a while. I may have to invest in a better keyboard. After my ergonomic keyboard died, I bought a wave keyboard. I don’t think it’s ergonomic enough for my badly damaged hands and wrists.

I suffer for my art.

And Glynis.