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Addy Carver is (another reason) why you should watch Z Nation


Addy Carver started off as a survivor of an encampment overrun by zombies in the pilot episode of Z Nation and evolved over the course of the first two seasons to become Roberta Warren’s second in command.  She’s a well-written character and is played charismatically by Anastasia Baranova.

So what makes Addy so awesome?


She’s Devoted to the Mission

Addy was much more devoted to the mission than her boyfriend, Mack, in season one. She made the decision to stay with the group, which forced him to stay, too. Mack was more interested in their survival, but Addy wanted to believe in something. Though her dedication wavered (see further down below), in Season 2 she’s firmly back in the mix as Warren’s second in command.


Of course, trying to keep the mission going is not always easy. Especially when dealing with Murphy .

She’s Determined To Not Just Survive, But Live

From her appearance (dangly earrings) to snarky jokes to pep talks, Addy is clutching life with both hands and holding on. In season 1, she held fast to the mission and the hope that Murphy is the cure. She also relied on her relationship with Mack. In Season 2, she’s beaten back a lot of her inner demons to more fully embrace her role in the group and find moments of happiness on the journey.


She’s a Tech Genius

Though it’s a group effort to get Murphy, the only known survivor of the zombie bite, to the CDC, if not for Addy Team Bite Mark wouldn’t have had access to Citizen Z at the NSA station, Camp Northern Light. She’s come up with all sorts of unique ways of contacting Citizen Z for vital information such as zunami warnings and the coordinates of their final destination.

 Even her ZWhacker has come in handy.

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She Stands Up for Other Women

When Cassandra sacrificed herself to save Addy, the group was ready to move on. Addy was a friend of the core group, but Cassandra was a mysterious newcomer. Addy refused to leave Cassandra behind to be enslaved by “the family.” With Warren backing her up, Addy argued against the men in the group to rescue Cassandra.


(gif by http://tchamblers.tumblr.com/)  

She has the Zwhacker

Addy’s love affair with her zombie weapon of choice is second only to Daryl. Dixon’s love of his crossbows. The Zwhacker has been her defining weapon throughout the first two seasons. No other character on the show has a weapon that defines them so perfectly. 


gif by http://serenelyandwithcomposure.tumblr.com/

She’s the Snark Queen of the Zombie Apocalypse

Addy has a snarky comment for just about every situation the zombie apocalypse can toss at her. 


She’s a Survivor with PTSD

Addy was haunted throughout most of season 1 by terrifying visions and panic attacks. When separated from the rest of Team Bite Mark, she ended up facing the source of her PTSD.  With her boyfriend, Mack, at her side, she faced the terrible thing her mind had tried so hard to erase.  (You can read my recap of the episode here, and my analysis of her PTSD related visions).  Though her PTSD caused her a lot of pain in the first season, she doesn’t let it define her.


She’s Not Perfect

After facing her demons, the many losses she’d endured throughout the apocalypse wore her down. It was her desire to not see anyone else she loved die that caused her to fall under the sway of a very charismatic leader of an all-woman survivor camp. Helen offered a way out of the endless cycle of death.

Though Addy’s choices were controversial with the viewers, it was easy to understand why Addy would want to escape the constant struggle of the road. Seriously, who wants to see their loved ones die?


She’s a Fighter

Addy is always in the mix. She doesn’t hang back. She doesn’t hide behind anyone else. She fights alongside everyone else and is a fearsome zombie killer. 



She’s Bisexual

Addy and Mack were a committed couple in the first season of the show. They’d been together since the first night of the apocalypse and it was clear that Mack’s true devotion was to Addy, not the mission. She loved him, too, but her PTSD started to weigh on her. She didn’t want to lose him to the apocalypse. The choices she made caused a lot of complications for the couple.


(image my screenshot)

In the second season, Addy stepped into the role of second and command and cultivated a new look, a new attitude, and a new perspective on life. It became clear that she was open to finding a new relationship. Also, it became very clear she has a thing for blondes!


Though the kiss was deleted from the final episode, it was pretty clear throughout the episode Corporate Retreat that Addy was drawn to Dana and vice versa. This was a very positive portrayal of bisexuality. Kudos to the show!

Anastasia Baranova told the ZCast: A Z Nation Podcast that it was her idea for Addy to have a female love interest. Also, as a bisexual woman, she had purely “selfish reasons” for the request. You can hear her talk about Addy’s bisexuality here.

She’s Compassionate

Whether taking care of victims of radiation poisoning, rescuing other team members, finding condoms for 10K and pep talking him on his love life, or giving an infected person mercy, Addy is compassionate. She cares deeply about people and it shows. It’s not always easy to be a good person in the apocalypse, but she has a moral center that keeps her strong.


In the end, how could you not love this beautiful, badass zombie killer!


(image from http://serenelyandwithcomposure.tumblr.com/)

Addy Carver is another reason why you should be watching Z Nation.

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    May her ZWacker RIP

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  • Rhiannon Frater

    It comes out January 17, 2016 on Netflix! Binge-watch!