Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.


Lament Word Count

I have been unable to shake this viral respiratory illness completely. I had a bit of a relapse at the end of last week. It was not the most pleasant way to spend the weekend or Valentine’s Day. I was going to update my progress last week, but illness put an end to that idea.

So, to quickly catch you up. After binging on Jane Austen, my writer sense started tingling. I had felt a little uncomfortable with something in the first section of the book. It felt like something was still off. After being sick for a few days, I was able to look at it again with fresh eyes and with my brain set to Regency Era. Then it hit me. The characters had actually been telling me something very important, but I’d been missing it. They kept addressing a potential problem in their current living circumstances and I’d been glossing over it in an attempt to get to the big scene I had in my head. While rereading, I was like “Oh. Yeah. That’s very important.” 

Basically, something that I had considered minor was actually vital not only to the overall plot, but to Glynis’s relationship with Laura.. Even more so, it has a huge impact on Glynis and her role in both the supernatural and mortal world. Let’s put it this way. Nothing is ever easy when you’re a vampire trying to pretend to be human.

I’ve written a lot of additional content and I’m still adding. The story is much richer for it!

A small hint: It’s not easy being a vampire mom.