Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

WIP – THE LAMENT OF THE VAMPIRE BRIDE DAY 35-40 UPDATE and a call for beta readers

Lament Word Count

This was a busy, but very fruitful week. I’m so tired, my hands, ache, but my head is full of the upcoming story.

First off, I have my editor booked, (woo hoo!) and a hard deadline. I’m not really worried about it though it’s about a month away. Such a big chunk of the story is done, and I’m moving much more swiftly now. Having a deadline is actually good for me right now since I’m still recovering from being ill last year. Knowing how much I have to write each day is a good thing.

I’d like to wrap it up soon so I can send it to my Beta Readers. I’m also recruiting Beta Readers for The Lament of the Vampire Bride. If you beta read for either of the previous two books, you are automatically on the list if you wish to be. I have five so far, and I’m interested in three to five more.

If you’re interested, here are the requirements:

1. You need to have read the first 2 books.
2. You have to be able to read it in a timely manner (under 2 weeks time).
3. I have an editor lined up, so what I’m looking for in feedback has to do with story cohesion, continuity, and character development. In other words, I don’t need grammar nazis. 
4. I’m looking for readers with a vested interest in the trilogy, so I’d prefer people who’ve written reviews of the preceding novels on goodreads, amazon, or their own blogs. (Please provide links).

Apply in the comments below. 

Meanwhile, the story is moving along nicely. Characters are moving onto the stage and big moments are being set up. I had a lot of interesting research this week, too, which I really enjoyed. I love uncovering fun little facts about the Regency Era. 

I probably could have had more written this week if I hadn’t had a bit of a panic attack on Thursday. I was convinced I was either repeating myself in the story, or I had missed a major plot point. I spent all day listening to everything I’ve written up to this point using Natural Reader (and Rachel, a British voice).  I also had my husband read over the first chapter. By the time I was done listening, and got feedback from my husband, I realized my misgivings were the result of just how much I retooled the first chapter. I’d initially dumped so much into the first chapter that I later took out, that my brain was like “No….you wrote this already.” I’m glad I did listen to what I have so far, because I really, really enjoyed it tremendously.


One of the things Glynis is struggling with in this book is the balance between a human existence and her vampire one. We saw a lot of dreariness and violence in the first book when she was entrenched in the brutality of the vampire life at the castle. In the second book we saw her retreat to a more mortal life to only have it disrupted by supernatural forces. Now she’s attempting to find balance in the two while still living under the shadow of her blood tie to Vlad. 

One of my favorite scenes (so far) in the novel takes place on the frozen Danube in the early evening when Ignatius wants to take Glynis skating for a romantic night. Of course, nothing goes quite as planned, and the collision between the two worlds reminds Glynis that nothing is ever simple.