Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

Zombie Tales From Dead Worlds Now In Italian, Spanish, & Portuguese


It’s always exciting to see one of my books come out in another language. Being able to reach a wider audience is very rewarding. Though I’d love to have my books out in as many languages as possible, it’s not an easy endeavor. I often have readers from various countries ask me why my books aren’t in their language. If it was my choice alone, trust me, they would be.

With my traditionally published books (As The World Dies trilogy, Dead Spots, The Mesmerized, Pretty When She Dies trilogy, The Midnight Spell), the translation into other languages is dependent on publishers in other countries deciding that my books are something that will appeal to their audience. It’s also dependent on whether or not the foreign publisher feels the English version book has enough support stateside to push sales in their country, too. 

My self-published books have even a lower chance of being picked up by a publisher in another country. They want books supported by traditional publishers or books that have huge sales numbers. Though I have had some inquiries on my self-published books, they didn’t pan out into actual contracts. That’s why I started to look for alternate routes.

If I had the funds (which I don’t) to hire a translator, I could always self-publish foreign editions that way. But because I don’t have the thousands of dollars to hire a translator,  I signed up with Babelcube.  It’s a  publishing platform that allows translators and authors to split the proceeds from book sales. An author can either approach a translator about translating their work, or vice versa. 

I decided to experiment with Zombie Tales From Dead Worlds, and I now have three different editions to share with readers. I hope that Babelcube starts to include other languages in the future, and that I can share this book with even more people. 

I’m thrilled to have my zombie short story collection available in now four languages! Let’s hope there will be more to come!

Italian Version

Spanish Version

Portuguese Version