Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

How To Support Your Favorite Writer

support a writer

I’m a full-time writer. Royalties from my self-published books pay my bills, feed me, keep me clothed, pay for healthcare, allow me to make appearances, and keep me writing. If you want to support my endeavor to keep novels coming your way, please do the following:

1. Buy a book (ebook, audiobook, paperback). Royalties from sales are my paychecks.

2. Become my Patron for as low as a DOLLAR a month on Patreon. My Patrons help me cover self-publishing and marketing costs, and get special perks in exchange. 

3. Write a review. Let other readers know that you enjoyed my novel and why.

4. Tell others about my work. Let your friends and family know that you think my work is stellar.

5.  If you have a book club, book me for an appearance via Skype. I’m ALWAYS happy to chat with readers about my work. You can contact me via my CONTACT page on this website for more information.

6. Take a risk on a book written by me you’re not sure you’ll like. Zombie fans, try my vampire books, and vice versa. I might surprise you. I am a HORROR writer after all.

7.  Loan one of my books to a friend and ask them to buy their own copy, or one of my other books if they enjoy it.

8. Send me a personal note to let me know that you liked my stuff. I have down days and a simple message is a great pick me up.

9. If you borrow a book from a library, or download it from a pirate site, when you have some extra funds please buy one of my books. Or at least write a review. I know that people don’t always have the funds to buy a book. That’s why libraries are so popular (writers do NOT get paid when you check out a book. Only the library’s original purchase counts toward royalties).

10. Join my Promotional Group. Help me by being a beta reader of my latest works in progress, posting promo materials on social media, and writing an HONEST review on the day of the book release. You can contact me via my CONTACT page on this website for more information.

Thank you for being my readers. Love to you all.