Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

Free Sneak Peek at my new Zombie Serial Exclusively on Patreon

In The Shadow of a Dying World2

I’m giving everyone a sneak peek at my brand new zombie serial that is exclusively on Patreon. I’m very excited about this serial because it’s a pretty big departure for me. It’s a post-apocalyptic/fantasy/zombie mashup with a vibrant new world, an interesting new heroine, and supernatural zombies. I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone when it comes to new endeavors, and this story is already very different and very challenging. I’m loving it.


After writing As The World Dies, I didn’t want to repeat myself when it came to zombie lore. Each series since then has had a new twist.

*As The World Dies – zombies/ghosts

*The Living Dead Boy – traditional zombies

*The Last Bastion Series – viral zombies/science fiction

When I wrote Zombie Tales From Dead Worlds, all six stories had a very different take on the zombie apocalypse. One of the favorite stories was The Necromancer. A lot of readers asked me to do more in that world. Lucky for them, I dreamed a brand new story that does take place in the post-apocalyptic world where necromancers are both revered and feared.

It’s also definitely inspired by post-apocalyptic genre favorites like the Mad Max movies. This is a world where civilization fell, technology was lost then rediscovered, and humanity has rebuilt in the shadows of their dying world.

I decided to bring In The Shadow of a Dying World to Patreon because I’m actively trying to raise funds for my self-publishing endeavors. It only costs $1 to access to the story, so I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure.

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