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FAQ: How Can I Read The Impaled Bride? What is the Radish App?

The Impaled Bride Cover thumbnailSome people are a little confused about how to read The Impaled Bride, the new prequel/sequel to The Tale of the Vampire Bride. At the time of this FAQ, there are 8 chapters available for your reading pleasure. with many more to come!

Here is a FAQ answering the most commonly asked questions I’ve received from readers.

Where can I read The Impaled Bride?
The Impaled Bride is being serialized on the Radish app. You can download it for your iPad/iPhone or Android device.

Is it free?
The app is free. The first three chapters of the story are also free, the rest are behind a paywall.

So I have to pay?
You buy coins to unlock the additional chapters. It costs about 3 coins to unlock a chapter.

Who gets the money?
I get a royalty off those coins. This allows me to add an additional income stream while writing the book.

How often do you post?
I post every week, usually on Tuesday.

Are the chapters super-short? Are they worth my money?
Each chapter is between 12 and 15 manuscript pages long. That’s quite a bit of book. After 8 chapters, it’s about 1/4 of the size of The Lament of the Vampire Bride.

How long will it be on Radish?
The story will continue until it’s complete, then it will be a Radish exclusive for a set amount of time. I’m not sure of the exact chapter count at this time. I’m guessing between 35 and 40.Logo_R_square_1000x1000_

Will it ever be a regular ebook or paperback?
Eventually I will publish The Impaled Bride in paperback and ebook, but that will most likely be in mid to late 2018.

I don’t like serials. So can you just publish the book now?
I’m literally writing the book right now. It’s not finished. I understand that some people want to read a book in one big gulp, but serials are pretty popular in a certain portion of the readership. By serializing the story, I can earn money as I write. Also, I’m under contract with Radish for this story, so I have to obey the terms of the contract.

I don’t understand why you’re doing this. Explain?
As a writer who is dependent on royalties to pay for rent/utilities/bills/food/healthcare/etc, it’s in my best interest to have multiple income streams. This is a new one I was anxious to try out. Also, I’m hoping new readers will discover me. Another plus, is that I love getting feedback as I’m writing. It keeps me energized and inspired. And like I said, eventually these books will be published in the regular formats.

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Download the app: https://www.radishfiction.com/
Read the story: https://radish.app.link/EblLXC9G4C