Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

After Siege

As The World Dies, Zombies

After Siege Front Cover

I am currently writing the fourth book in the As The World Dies series. Set after Siege, the new novel centers around Emma, a character from the As The World Dies Untold Tales Vol. 3.

Newly arrived at the Fort, Emma struggles to find a new role among the survivors and establish new friendships. She is adept at killing zombies since she lived alone since shortly after the outbreak and the true story about how she killed all the zombies in her hometown makes her a legend. Though the Fort had a major victory in the last few days, there are still dangers lurking in the world. The discovery of one of Ed’s groups as one of the undead opens up a mystery that Emma will be a vital part of uncovering. 

I hope you will enjoy this new novel when it’s released sometime next year. 


I am crowdfunding it through Patreon and posting chapters as they are completed.

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