Rhiannon Frater is the award-winning author of the As the World Dies trilogy.

In the Shadow of a Dying World

Supernatural, Zombies

In The Shadow of a Dying World2

A brand new weekly serial set in the same world as ‘The Necromancer’ short story from Zombie Tales From Dead Worlds where zombies are supernatural and an order of necromancers are humankind’s only hope.

 My name is Ilyse, and I fear I am a necromancer.

If I am, I will lose my life.

Though the Beloved Dead of the town are safely sequestered in the Perdition Sanctuary, the Unblessed Dead are a constant threat in the outside world.  My father says the necromancers that can control the Unblessed are evil and the source of the fall of the world. He’d rather kill me than see me become one of the Clerics of the heretic religion sequestered in the Enclave, the technologically advanced city that holds their Chantry.

So I attempt to hide the affinity the dead have for me as the large clock in town square ticks down to my eighteenth birthday. On that day I will be auctioned off to one of the Crats, the men who rule the town.

But I fear it may already be too late to save my soul from the necromancers. An enigmatic man has entered our settlement’s gates, and around him swirls a green aura only I can see.

I’m trying to raise funds for my self-publishing endeavors this year, so the serial will be exclusively on Patreon. For $1 a month, you’ll get access to all the weekly installments!


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